Friday, 8 November 2013

Bible Musical Opportunities

Bible Musical - 'tweaking the Score' It has come to light there are a few errors in the Musical Score. I have my 'Expert' dealing with it right now. Meanwhile, if you are interested in performing the Bible in an Hour Musical, would you kindly let me have your email details and I will let you know as soon as the Score is ready to go! Just a reminder to folk: if you are involved with an Alpha Course or Christian outreach event; the Bible in an Hour Musical is a fantastic and resource for helping folk understand the Bible. You can either put on the whole show (when the Score is sorted!), or you can play the mp3 and follow the Cartoon Graphics, which are FREE to Download on the website: For budding Song Writers, you may be interested to know that my Real Job is as a Christian Life Coach. I coach Song Writers and Creative Artists who have a passion to make Jesus known. For a Free and without Obligation Trial Session, please visit my Christian Life Coaching website: Or visit my Blog site and read some really cool Posts at:

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