Friday, 16 August 2013

Perform Bible in an Hour in your Church

We now have available to purchase the full Christian Musical Score & Sheet Music. You can now use this unique resource to impact your community. Simply download from our website the whole Score / Sheet Music, together with an mp3 of the Musical, Narration, Lyrics and Publicity Logo. Just imagine the impact you could create in your community - presenting the Bible in a fun, accessible and entertaining manner. You only need one musician, one singer and a Narrator to put on the performance. You may, however, include as many musician, dancers, singer and performers. Think about where you present this fun and contemporary Musical. You may for instance perform it in your church, school or Busk it in the street! Visit the website now for free video's, songs and narration. “An excellent idea for the stage and the performance is obviously very polished.” BBC Production UK