Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bible Songs that help with Understanding the Bible

Pic. Steven Straiton

From choirs of Angels singing in Heaven; to the simple Bible Songs of David plucked on his Lute, music is found right the way through the Bible.

Even Lucifer - God’s finest Angel - it is said had musical Instruments built into his very being.

Music and God go hand-in-hand.

And like all aspects of God’s Creation, music became defiled at the Fall!

We are now left with not only good, life-giving music, but also bad, death-producing music.

The seriousness of this ‘wrong’ kind of music is emphasised in Scripture: “Beware of evil communications.” The Bible warns us that our most treasured gift of music is under the sway of the Evil One.

It’s true, some of the tunes are ‘catchy’ and the lyrics poetic - even witty! But the spirit of the World is prevalent in many genres of music. It is not only confined to ‘Pop’ and ‘Rock’ music but ‘Classical Music’ too!

The Enemy knows the power and influence of music and has worked hard to make His kind of music universally accepted.

Let us keep our worship music clean. Let us not try to ‘woo’ the world with their kind of music but to minister to them with pure Scriptural lyrics and music. Let us give them an opportunity for their heart’s to be melted.

To understand the Bible is to understand Jesus. Bible Songs about God’s love in sending His only Son; our need for Salvation; and our inheritance as sons and daughters in His House is what the world will respond to.

I remember when I first went to a Christian fellowship seeking physical healing, I was overwhelmed by the presence of God through the worship music. It was played fairly averagely by a lady on a keyboard. It was sung pretty much out of tune! But the purity of heart in wanting only God’s Word and His Holy presence completely bowled me over!

On returning home I threw my record collection into the Bin! (Mike Oldfield, Genesis, strange film music etc.,) Okay, I retrieved them all after a few hours (such is the power and deception of secular music) but I was beginning to see the Light and eventually I got rid of them and have never wanted to revisit that kind of music.

Truth is, I have never been the same since and I long to hear more Bible Songs and music birthed through His Word and Spirit alone.