Friday, 10 June 2011

Young Musicians Life Threatened!

A young farmer turned singer / songwriter came face to face with ‘jeers’ and threats from an opponent seeking to upstage him.

The young musician, know as David, found himself confronted by a ‘monster of a man’ threatening to bring the young man’s career to an abrupt end!

Although not used to such encounters, David rightly concluded not to try silencing his opponent with songs accompanied by his guitar; but instead countered his enemy with a simple weapon he’d used many times as a sheep farmer - to protect the sheep from Lions.

Taking from his side pocket a leather handmade sling, he placed in it a small smooth stone and began swirling it round and round above his head. Finally the sling built up sufficient speed to send the stone hurtling towards the ‘jeering’ giant!

With deadly accuracy the stone penetrated the opponents forehead, knocking him backwards to the ground.
With a ‘thud!’ the giant of a man remained unconscious leaving David free to continue with his meteoric career.

A song dedicated to the defeated giant, entitled: ‘Don’t mess with my sheep!” is included on his latest Album.

Don’t miss it!