Monday, 23 May 2011

Perform the Christian Musical

Outreach Opportunities for The Bible in an Hour Musical

Should any church, individual or organization, anywhere in the world, seek to perform the Bible in an Hour Musical, for Church Evangelism, Drama, Mission, Church Outreach or Entertainment, I would be delighted to co-operate with you .

I can provide permission, Musical Score and general promotional material.

Once you have heard the Christian Musical you may begin to imagine your own church youth group or musicians presenting the Musical as a Gospel Outreach. The ideal venues are Christian Festivals, Church Outreach Events, Youth Groups, Schools - as part of their Religious Instruction curriculum - and 'Busking' in the street or parks.

I have performed the Musical, with only two other's, in Schools, Christian Colleges, in the street's of Bath, Youth Clubs, on the Radio - Live!, and in various Churches.

The beauty of this Musical is that it is very simple. It requires only three performers, one guitar and an audience. You can add as many musicians as you like but the 'heart' of the Musical is to be 'Busked' in front of a live audience.

Please remember the Musical is copyright 2011. Please contact me should you wish to put on a performance,

Christian Musical