Saturday, 5 March 2011

Understanding The Bible

I wish someone had explained to me many years ago the simple plot of The Bible.
All I ever heard was that God was angry at us for being being naughty and so we had
to learn the 10 Commandments so as to try to avoid sin!

I remember hearing about Jesus' birth and the good things he did for people.

And then of course there was a big emphasis on the Cross; jesus dying for my sin.
All of which is powerful and relevant.

But what I didn't know is that God is Love. He loves me so much that, even inspite of
my rebellion and willfulness, He has been pursuing me all of my life. He made me before the beginning of time to be in relationship with Him: to be Blessed, prosperous, healthy and whole.

Yes, sin got in the way of that relationship. But when I place my faith in Jesus' punishment for my sin, I'm immediately restored to that relationship.

He's my Daddy and I am His son.

It is so easy! All my life I've felt there is a 'Higher purpose' to my life - and of course there is. I'm now living out that purpose.

How about you...?

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