Friday, 19 November 2010

The Bible in 5 Minutes

In 7 days God created the Earth, Adam and Eve and every animal. He gave Adam and Eve the Garden of Eden and told them not to eat from a particular tree; but Satan tempted them and they ate from the tree. Sin entered the World!

Adam and Eve were sent out of the Garden and were left to fend for themselves. Many generations later sin had corrupted the whole World. God decided to destroy every living thing - except for.... Noah!

God chose Noah, a Righteous man, to build an Ark in the desert. God was about to flood the whole Earth, except for Noah and his family.

The rains came, just as God said. But Noah and his family and two of every kind of creature were safe in the Ark.
Thankfully Noah and his family survived the flood. God gave him the sign of the Rainbow as His Promise to restore what had been lost through Adam and Eve.

Millions of people later God chose a man called Abraham to leave his home for a new land. God told Abraham that from him a great Nation would arise. And because Abraham was obedient to God, He gave Abraham and his wife Sarah a son in their old age. And from this son arose the mighty nation of Israel.

God promised the people of Israel, the Israelites, they would inherit a land flowing with milk and honey. But they became enslaved in the mighty nation of Egypt, a land of Sphinx’s and Pyramids.

God’s people, the Israelites, cried out to the Lord God for help. God heard their cry to be saved from their cruel oppressors and eventually He sent them their saviour. His name was Moses, a shepherd exiled from his people the Israelites’ but had once been an high official in Egypt.

God appeared to Moses in the wilderness and told him to go to Pharaoh and tell him to “Set My People free!”
God sent ten terrible plagues to afflict the Egyptians. Finally Pharaoh relented and let God’s people leave Egypt.

The Israelites wandered the wilderness for many years: moaning and complaining against God.

God gave the Israelites ‘The Law’: The 10 Commandments to stop them from sinning. But they kept breaking them!
Even so, God did give them their Promised Land; and many years later God gave them a King who’s name was David.

King David was a man after God’s own heart and under David’s leadership God’s people prospered.
Through David God was pointing to His ultimate Restoration plan.

Whereas in the Old Testament the Law revealed sin, the New Testament reveals God’s love for all mankind. King David knew this kind of love relationship with God - which is now available to all Mankind. But HOW is it made available?

In a small town called Bethlehem, Jesus, the Saviour of Mankind was born in a cattle trough! But HOW does Jesus save all of Mankind?

When Jesus was a grown man He was baptised by John the Baptist. It was John’s job to prepare the Jewish people - the Israelites - to be ready to receive Jesus as their Saviour: The Christ to come!

But first Jesus was lead into the desert where He was tempted by the Devil! Thankfully God strengthened Him so that He was able to resist; and so God filled Jesus with the Holy Spirit and sent Him off to fulfil His mission here on Earth. But, He was going to need a little help. Jesus chose followers to help Him; these were called the Twelve Disciples.

Miracles took place; bodies were healed; broken hearts were mended - proving that Jesus indeed had power over all sin! But not everyone was a fan of Jesus. These were the Religious Leaders of the day who were critical and jealous of Jesus. Why? Because He would not tow the religious line that Godliness depended upon keeping all the Laws handed down from Moses.

In contrast to the Religious Leaders, Jesus acted out of God’s love alone.

Finally, they could stand Jesus no more and had Him arrested and then ‘rigged’ His so-called Trial. As a result Jesus was crucified on a Cross and buried in a tomb. The Devil thought he’d won BUT Jesus came alive again - fulfilling God’s plan of restoring Mankind to Himself. His death and resurrection from the tomb had defeated the Devil’s power over death and Hell.

Jesus had won!

He told the Disciples to wait for the power of the Holy Spirit. He then ascended to Heaven.

In an Upper Room in Jerusalem the Promise of the Holy Spirit fell like tongues of fire on the Disciples. They were now ready to take on the whole World.

The Christian Church was born. Today there are six Billion Christians world-wide - and growing!

Would you like to join us?