Tuesday, 30 September 2008

now is the time

Ten years ago I co-wrote a musical based upon the story of the Bible. Back then I'd had an encounter with God and was full of excitement and passion to tell everyone what had happened to me.

As a singer/songwriter it came naturally to want to express it in song. I also wanted to understand the thread of the Bible story and set about writing it to a one hour format so as to reduce it to its' essential meaning.

I found, for me, the nub of what the Bible is about is 'Relationship with Father God'. Of course, Jesus is the means by which we have that relationship. Not that I found it easy to have that relationship but to know for sure that is where I'm headed.

Well, the Musical did its' rounds for a couple of years then we split. I also became ill and have spent many years in bed, which I discovered was the best place for me to develop my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Finally, I now know His love for me. (Not that I'm advising anyone to be ill to get to know God - there are better ways to suit you!).

Thankfully I am now healed. I've had a miracle and one of the things I'm excited to do is to pick up from where I'd left the Bible In An Hour Musical and see what God has for it now!

Any ideas, please let me know.